Sorting Office and Post Office

This week we went for a walk to the local sorting and post office. We were incredibly lucky to get our own tour of the sorting office and all the postmen and women showed us how they sorted, bundled and delivered their post. It was fascinating. Our new role play area in the classroom is a post office and we now know how to work in one. Take a look at some of the photos from our trip.

Christmas Performance

Please make sure your costumes are in school by Tuesday 11th and we look forward to seeing many of you at the final performance on Tuesday 18th December at 2pm on Tuesday 18th December.

Remember to keep practising the songs and actions, you can join in with the children on the 18th!

Loving LEGO

This week we have been exploring LEGO!

We worked on our Fine Motor skills, as well as thinking about what we want to create before we built it. The children drew fantastic designs of what they wanted to create!

We also worked on turn-taking when building a model co-operatively.

Here are just some examples of the fantastic models created by Reception!

Amazing animals!

Reception have been working hard this week learning about different animals! We have been to the farm, the polar regions, the African savannah and Asia. We have created masks, imagined seeing these animals, written what we have seen and lots more!

Here are two examples of masks from Elida and Eliel!

Our writing has been fantastic!

Well done to all! 🙂

Windrush Celebration

In Reception we have been at ‘The Windrush’ and any journeys that the children have taken themselves. We looked at boats and boat trips. The children discussed some of the countries that they have visited and any family they have been to visit.

We talked about celebrating everyone and we took part in the amazing parade on Thursday. It was nice to see so many of you there to support and we hope you could hear and see the children and enjoyed yourself as much as we did.

Ready, Steady, Blog!

We are pleased to announce that we have now rectified the technical issues that led to the delay in our class blogs being active and linked to our school website.

Now that we are back with a bang, don’t forget to check in with us regularly to see how well we are achieving across the curriculum and to keep up to date with all the happenings in each class.

We look forward to welcoming your comments and will be announcing a ‘Blog of the Week’ in each newsletter.

So what is left to say other than… ready, steady, blog!